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Intensive Hydrating

Kirara…groomed by the nature of Australia.

As one of the World's five continents, Australia is famous for its massive natural resources, and most importantly, it is very well preserved.

As forerunner in environmental protection, the Government paid high attention to any possible contamination or infection to the people or environment. With these natural resources and Government support, Australia becomes the cradle in nurturing many industry developments such as pharmaceuticals, hygienic medical equipments, health food, natural or organic skincare, not to mention being a well known place for complex medical operations such as heart, liver or kidney implants.
International model Kathy Chow, Kirara's former brand ambassador
For these reasons, Dr Kirara set foot on Australia decades ago, starting with R&D department, and soon manufacturing plants as well. Dr Kirara believes the best comes from the nature. Its clinical tests consistently proved each specific natural ingredient extracts possess high effectiveness in specific skin problems. Today, Kirara successfully brings to you different lines of products such as therapeutical, hydrating and treatment. Even in the darkest days of SARS, the effectiveness and value of Kirara brand became talk of the town.

One of the uniqueness of Kirara products is its adoption of the stringent medical manufacturing procedures for its skincare lines. Each glass container is heated at 280˚C for 3 hours, sealing cap at 180˚C for 2 hours, and the plant is negative pressurized and UV-lit to achieve gems free environment, required by the GMP. In this tropical and sub-tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Kirara could just well be the most effective and best selling therapeutical skincare brand.

The annual sales turnover of the whole Kirara line in Asia reaches 60 million dollars.
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