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Causes of acne

Why is acne so commonly seen among adolescents? At puberty active sex hormones may cause over-secretion of the sebaceous glands. If the hair-pores of your face are partially covered by sweat-deposits or dirt due to lack of skin care, it can plug the funnel shaped ducts of the hair follicles causing swelling, acne may then appear on your face as a result of infection. For some people, adolescent acne developed in their teenage years may persist into adulthood.

There are in fact numerous other causes favoring the appearance of acne. Sultry weather, stress of daily life, psychological pressure, hormonal imbalance, unsuitable cosmetic products, or even fried or pungent foods - all these may lead to the increase of metabolic toxins in your circulation, which may cause over-growth of the acne bacillus (Propionibacterium acne), normally harbored in the pores of your face. This could cause swelling and inflammation so often seen with infectious acne. Occasionally acne can also occur in women experiencing hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Therefore acne is in fact a common skin condition that can affect people of different ages.

Simple, practical ways to prevent acne:
Avoid touching your face with your fingers.
Clean your mobile phone. Findings suggest that mobile phones can be a horrible breeding ground of bacteria.
Shampoo your hair regularly. Keep your hair off your face.
Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser.
  Vigorous and frequent washing will only leave your skin dehydrated and weaken its natural defense.
Drink lots of water and exercise regularly.
Choose a healthy, balanced diet. Include fruits and veggies in your daily diet.
“ I clean my skin meticulously. I eat healthy. Drink plenty of water.
   I almost change my pillow cases every day… Why do I still get acne? ”
You may have followed all the diet, hygiene and nutrition tips but still suffer from acne. Now learn two key facts. Don’t give up too quickly.
Causes of acne are varied and sometimes complex. We cannot completely control the external environment and the biological factors that contribute to acne.
No matter of what kind of acne you might have, the proper way to deal with it is to keep your pores unclogged at all times. Maintain an appropriate skin care regime with the use of detoxinating mask. Treat acne immediately when it starts to appear to prevent it from turning into severe acne.
Acne is a distressing skin problem that can ruin your self-confidence. It is probably not going to last your whole life, but that does not mean you need to live with acne. Do not let acne control you. You have every right to live life the way you want and pursue your dreams.
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